LEDforIndustry Products

The use of LED's for retail and industrial applications provides the optimal lighting solution for a greener future. Offering you savings with energy, time and money while providing ultra bright clean lighting to illuminate your application.

  • Compact Design with High Brightness “Surface Illumination Technology”

    IDEC LF1D-C (mini) Series IP67F

    As the name implies the LF1D-C (mini) is a compact high luminance LED light. Using the latest LED “illuminated surface technology“ a no-multi shadow light can improve the processing accuracy of the target object. The consistency of light from the illuminated surface helps to ensure irregularities or small scratches of the target surface can be accentuated, improving the overall...
  • High Brightness “Surface Illuminated” LED Lights

    IDEC LF1D-H / J Series

    The flat, no-multi shadow LED light provides less glare and can be used to illuminate small surface scratches & irregularities of that are on the target object. Two lengths are available; 365mm and 510mm; providing high power 2000 / 3000lm Luminous Flux allowing a good level of brightness even when mounted at a distance from the target. And with a light distribution angle of 120o makes...
  • The Compact and Slim Design LF2B LED Light

    IDEC LF2B Series

    The compact and slim design of the LF2B LED light make them suitable for installing in various applications and also where space is a premium such as applications in narrow spaces. With universal input voltage of 100 to 240VAC and 12/24VDC they are perfect for many applications and to replace fluorescent lights used in industrial application including from wet blast machines,...
  • LED Thin and Slim Style Lighting Strips

    IDEC LF1B-N Series IP65

    LED Illumination Units Compact Design (27.5mm wide, 16mm high and 134 to 1080mm long). Improved brightness with which illumination cover Available in 6 different colours and 6 different lengths UL and CE Approved
  • LED Lights for Machine Tools

    IDEC LF1D Series IP67 & IP67f

    These heavy duty LED light strips are the brightest in their class. They are available for flange or surface mounting in two sizes slim or wide. The 10w model comprises 1 row of 10 LEDs (slim) and the 15w model comprises 2 rows of 7 LEDs (wide) each with high protection class - IP67/IP67F ideal for machine tool illumination, walk-in freezers etc. Illumination for industrial purposes...
  • LED for Freezer & Refrigeration Show Cases

    IDEC LF1E Series IP54

    Designed for use in freezers and refrigeration show cases involving food presentation and offering low temperature energy signs. Standard options include 3 class types for open front, glass front and reach-in display cabinets. Low heat and dimmable. Optimal light distribution is achieved by employing optical simulation technology and combining this with original lenses and reflectors...
  • LED Signal Light Towers

    IDEC LD6A Series up to IP65

    SignaLight Towers oval shape with striped design, presents a stylish image on all equipment. These LED light towers were specifically created with a modern design and unique lens shape which diffuses light to provide sharper illumination and increased visibility. Steady and flashing options available  (complies with IEC standard - IEC 60073) with two alarm and five mounting...
  • LED Surface Mount Indicators

    IDEC LH Series IP67

    IDEC LED surface mount indicators are known as spider lights. These can be used in various applications that do not have space behind the panel. These include robotic arms, product picking, door monitors and other applications where you can use these dual colour pre-wired LED lights rather than drilling two 22mm holes to mount pilot lights.  Two-colour alternate illumination...