LED Signal Light Towers

Stylish signal light tower improves machines aesthetics

Unique powerful striped design with 360-degree sound.

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LED Signal Light Towers
IDEC LD6A Series up to IP65

SignaLight Towers oval shape with striped design, presents a stylish image on all equipment.

These LED light towers were specifically created with a modern design and unique lens shape which diffuses light to provide sharper illumination and increased visibility. Steady and flashing options available  (complies with IEC standard - IEC 60073) with two alarm and five mounting styles.

  • Striped design with non-illuminating area between the lenses. Built-in super bright LEDs reduce light disturbance to make the illuminating color stand out.
  • IDEC’s unique lens shape enables high-visibility from differ- ent directions.
  • Five different mounting styles available. Easy mounting to aluminum frames, wall mounting, direct mounting, and pole mounting (with base or with L-shaped bracket)
  • Frame mount
  • Clear lens type available.
  • Custom configuration is possible.
  • Flashing cycle: 1.75 Hz (approx. 105 flashes per minute) Conforms to international standard IEC 60073.
  • Ergonomically designed alarm sound (3.3 kHz, 2 different sounds) spreads 360o degrees. Adjustable volume (70 to 90 dB).
  • Degree of protection: IP65 (IP54 for steady, flashing, alarm types and pole mount without L-shaped bracket)
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