LEDforIndustry Applications

Example applications and industries that use our cutting edge LED lighting technology

  • Freezer and Refrigerated display cabinets

    The LF1E series LED lights have been specifically designed for use within the retail application of illuminating the freezer & refrigeration display showcases. Delivering significant benefits over the traditional fluorescent light. Lower power consumption (up to 58% lower) Low heat generation (51.5% lower) Long life (3.3 times longer) Reduced waste disposal cost...
  • Machine Tool work area and tool tip illumination

    The LF1D series, offering ingress protection to an amazing IP67f, is the ideal solution for use in the machine tool industry. Using the optimized optical design high brightness can be achieved, not only below the lamp but also within the circumference, achieving the brilliance required by EN1837: 1999 Safety of Machinery – integral lighting of machines. Mounting options of either...
  • Automation

    Factory automation often calls for signal lighting. IDEC's LD6A is an LED tower with a unique lens shape for high 360° visibility. Standard IFC60204 colours combine with audible alarm and various mounting options. Signal lights are also used in banks and medical applications too.
  • Robots

    Surface mount LED indicators supplied by IDEC avoid the need to drill! Used on robotic arms in automation, for door monitoring, on equivalent and control panel surfaces. These spider lights are available with 1m, 3m and 5m cable, in 7 colours, as flat or dome types.
  • Walk in freezers

    LED lighting is ideal for use in walk in freezers where flourescent bulbs fail. The IDEC LFID LED strips come with polycarbonate (IP67) or reinforced glass lens (IP67F).