LED Lights for Machine Tools

Brightest in its class, great power savings!

The unique lens design, optimized power circuit, and heat dissipation structure achieves high brightness both at the centre and periphery.

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  • LED Lights for Machine Tools

LED Lights for Machine Tools
IDEC LF1D Series IP67 & IP67f

These heavy duty LED light strips are the brightest in their class. They are available for flange or surface mounting in two sizes slim or wide. The 10w model comprises 1 row of 10 LEDs (slim) and the 15w model comprises 2 rows of 7 LEDs (wide) each with high protection class - IP67/IP67F ideal for machine tool illumination, walk-in freezers etc.

Illumination for industrial purposes are required to guarantee resistance against harsh environments subject to water, oil, and metal chips, while providing brightness specified by standards. IDEC’s LUMIFA LED Illumina- tion units ensure long service life, energy savings, low heat generation, cleanliness and high resistance against shock. The LUMIFA series achieves high environment resistance and brightness required to ensure safety in working environments. The slim profile design of the highly bright LED modules and efficient heat dissipation technology is ideal for installation in various machines and equipment.

  • Degree of protection IP67f (reinforced glass illumination surface). Waterproof, dust-proof, and oil-proof. Can be used in environments subject to water, dust, and oil.
  • Construction of diecast aluminum (base), stainless steel (front), and reinforced glass. Resistant against flying chips.
  • Brightest in its class - The optimal optical design achieves high brightness. Achieves illuminance speci- fied by EN1837: 1999, 4.2. (1100 lx at 1m directly below).
  • Glare prevention - Diffused type available to prevent glaring light and reflection. (EN1837: 1999, 4.3.).
  • Long service life - Maintenance-free operation for 50,000 hours.
  • Heat dissipation - Heat is dissipated by the aluminum housing efficiently.
  • RoHS compliant - Environmentally friendly compared with mercury-laden fluorescent lamps.
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