LED for Freezer & Refrigeration Show Cases

LF1E LED illumination units not only light up frozen and refrigerated food—they improve your food business.

IDEC's Optical lens technology enables optimum light distribution according to the type of display case.

Products LED for Freezer & Refrigeration Show Cases
  • LED lights for Fridge Freezer Displays
  • Fridge Showcase with LED lights
  • LED lights for Fridge Showcase
  • LED for refrigeration and freezer show cases
  • LED for freezers

LED for Freezer & Refrigeration Show Cases
IDEC LF1E Series IP54

Designed for use in freezers and refrigeration show cases involving food presentation and offering low temperature energy signs. Standard options include 3 class types for open front, glass front and reach-in display cabinets. Low heat and dimmable.

Optimal light distribution is achieved by employing optical simulation technology and combining this with original lenses and reflectors with LEDs. By providing the proper amount of light to the target object, greater energy savings can be achieved.

  • LED light sources achieve energy saving, long service life, reduced mounting space, elimination of noise, and low heat generation.
  • Available in 4 lengths of 550, 808, 1066, and 1450 mm designed to meet the width of display cases.
  • 3 types of light distribution characteristics are available; no-lens, con- densing lens, and dual lens.
  • IP54 protection against dust and water.
  • Dimmer control for adjusting brightness and saving energy is possible by using special power supply type (PH2C-030-PK660 supplied separately).
  • Plastic lens suitable for food industry.
  • CE marked.
  • Applying for UL listing (24V DC type only)
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