Loud, Louder, Louder… New signal light tower, makes some noise!

News Loud, Louder, Louder… New signal light tower, makes some noise!

Loud, Louder, Louder… New signal light tower, makes some noise!

"Innovative","Sleek", "Aesthetically pleasing", and even "Sexy" were some of the words used to describe the stadard version of the LD6A light tower when it was introduced in 2009. Very unusual to her the word "sexy" when describing products built for industrial use, but the unique styling of the IDEC LD6A signal light tower achieved just that.

Since its introduction 12 months ago, many users have switched to using the LD6A giving them improvements in machine design.  The innovative oval deign, not the industry standard round light tower, coupled with the marking strip provides a great alternative for the user.

Now this signal light tower is about to make some noise...

IDEC have added the features of a buzzer and also a flashing option to provide an alarm function within the base unit of the signal light.  The buzzer offers a clear and audible sound (3.3kHz, 70 to 90dB) with an adjustable volume control and 2 tone variations which are selected by a control wire.  This addition also includes a flashing option, again controlled by the electrical signals to the base unit.

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