StarFrost Lights the way in SubZero

A ready-made solution for a a novel spiral freezer unit.

Our IP67f rated Lumifa LED Light strips are the perfect fit

News StarFrost Lights the way in SubZero

StarFrost Lights the way in SubZero

LED lighting works well at low temperatures and provides a clean, bright white light, which is why freezer specialist Starfrost was attracted to the idea of installing LED lighting in its novel spiral freezer unit. But freezers, like all food processing equipment, are subject to vigorous cleaning, and this called for specially sealed units. Fortunately, IDEC had a ready-made solution.

Starfrost ( and its parent company Star Refrigeration were recently chosen by the Humberside SeafoodInstitute to supply a turnkey freezing system, consisting of a packaged spiral freezer and a low temperature packaged refrigeration plant. The spiral freezer comprises a novel and innovative system of magnetic coils designed to snap freeze food products, minimising crystal growth and thus ensuring that taste, texture and aroma remains as if it were fresh after the product is thawed. The equipment, although compact and intended for research into the effects of freezing on certain food products, has been designed to freeze commercial quantities so as to replicate actual factory conditions and process line flow.

Product is loaded on an Ashworth Hybrid plastic conveyor belt, located at low level external to the freezer, and conveyed into the spiral freezing zone. Here, the product is subjected to fast flowing air at a temperature of -42oC as it continues through the system, spiralling upwards through the freezing zone before leaving the unit at high level, fully frozen.
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