LED Illumination for Freezer/Refrigerated Display Cases

LED illumination offers long-life and low heat generation, ideal in freezers!

News LED Illumination for Freezer/Refrigerated Display Cases

LED Illumination for Freezer/Refrigerated Display Cases

As LED technology evolves at an incredible rate new applications are being explored, and with people becoming more energy-saving conscious from the viewpoint of the global environment protection IDEC introduce an LED module specifically designed for the freezer and refrigeration showcase. 

Next time you are in your local supermarket picking up some frozen chips or ice-cream for the children take a look inside the door… what you will see today is a fluorescent tube, this tube lights the freezer cabinet well, but (there’s always a but) this tube also gives off heat which is unwanted and lost energy, especially inside a freezer!
In the trend towards LED illumination, with its excellent features such as energy-saving, long-life and low-heat generation the IDEC LF1E offers a more focused viable and alternative solution. In addition to the product efficiencies mentioned before there is another amazing feature, by employing specially designed optical simulation technology three types of light distribution can be achieved, maximising the LED light efficiency.
Product Features:
  1. Condensing lens provides the illuminance 2000 lx at 0.3m directly below the unit
  2. Power consumption reduced by 58% compared with fluorescent tubes, saving large amount of energy

Long Service Life and Ease of Maintenance

  1. 40,000 hours (approx.) long service life. 3.3 times (approx.) longer than fluorescent tubes
  2. 40,000 hours of maintenance-free service life reduce the running cost greatly

Three Types of Light Distribution

  1. Optical lens optimally designed can make the wide-angle light distribution, condensing light distribution, and dual light distribution  possible.
  2. A variety of LED illumination units are available such as Glass Front Display Cases, Open Front Display Cases, and Reach-in Display  
  3. Cases, offering the suitable types for different display cases. By providing the proper amount of light to the target object, greater 
     energy savings can be achieved while maintaining the brightness

Low Heat Generation Reduces the Heat Influence to the Products on Display Cases.

  1. Minimize the influence to the food or sensitive products since the light hardly contains the heat.
  2. LF1E units are low-heated by lower power consumption, achieving the temperature rise of only 15 degree C (approx.), less than that of fluorescent lights.

Rich Control Functions (ex. Dimming Control)

  1. Special power supply type is dimmable between 0 (approx.) to 100% (power supply PH2C-030-PK660 necessary).
  2. Special power supply type achieves desired visual and spatial effects by various automatic controls such as dimming, calendar/time managements or others.

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